Why You Should Get Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Each homeowner has a different strategy to protect their home from a hurricane. Some simply cover their windows with plywood during the storm. Others use actual protection like roll down shutters.

If you have a big house with let’s say 12 windows, you will need 12 pieces of plywood to cover your home. Not only will you spend a lot on this plywood, but you will also have to spend a lot of time installing these coverings. Once the storm is over, taking these coverings down would be another job that will consume hours. Plus, you’ll have to store the plywood for future seasons – and that’s if they survived the storm.

If you are using roll down shutters, you will have a simpler life. You won’t have to store anything in your garage and you won’t have to install it – that’s what Hurricane Guard is for! Hurricane storm shutters are motor operated, and you can have them installed for many years without having to have them replaced. When you suspect a hurricane, just hit the button and the shutters will roll down automatically.  It just takes 30 seconds to open and close them. These shutters have end retention, so they won’t fly or allow air pressure differences to damage your home. You can even lock the shutters into heavy duty tracks on both sides.

It’s pretty clear that roll down hurricane shutters are better at protecting your home than plywood covering. Yes, they are going to cost more but this investment will keep your family secure for years to come. Even if you use the non-motorized shutters, they are simple to operate. Just use the manual hand crank to lower them. You will be done in a few minutes.

Why are the roll down hurricane shutters best?

With roll down hurricane shutters, you will have the best storm protection since they meet the building codes of Florida. They are also engineered for withstanding the storms that hit Southwest Florida. They are not just easy to operate, they offer lots of other benefits which makes them a practical option for use. Have a look:

  • You can open/close the rolling shutters either individually or in a group by just the touch of a button.
  • You can count on them to keep your family and home safe during the hurricane.
  • The simulate occupancy feature with a time lets you protect your home even if you are far away.
  • These shutters are a great source of protection for seasonal residents from burglars. They will serve as an extra layer of security for your home.

Some of the roll down shutters are energy efficient too. They have rows of slats aligned in between. When the shutters are closed, you will have an air insulation between the window and the shutter. This reduces heat or cold transfer and noise too. The shutters are made from aluminum and if you are buying them from a reliable seller, they would be tested and approved to meet the building codes of Florida for hurricane shutters. That’s not it, some of the shutters are tested for positive pressure and negative pressure just to make sure the wind doesn’t damage your house.