What To Look For In Hurricane Shutters

There isn’t any better or a more economical solution for homeowners than hurricane shutters when you want to protect the window opening of your house or business from the potential dangers of a hurricane storm.

Hurricane shutters are usually permanently installed above or on the sides of windows but can be installed in other areas (i.e. to enclose an entire outdoor patio). Some hurricane protection systems, such as hurricane panels are temporary installments that are only put up prior to a storm. Hurricane shutters can be open or closed at any time either by manual manipulation or by an electronic motor. They are usually put into position and locked in place before a large rain storm, wind storm, tropical storm, or hurricane-strength storm.

The primary purpose of hurricane shutters are to protect windows against shattering and protect homes and businesses from damage caused by projectiles in a storm. Hurricane shutters can also be used outside of storm season to provide homes and businesses with protection against forceable entry and theft.

If you are shopping for hurricane shutters for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the many types of hurricane shutters available on the market. Before you make your purchase, you should be fully informed about what you are shopping. And it starts with knowing the types of shutters. These include:

  1. Roll Down Shutters

They will be installed permanently over the top of your window and are pulled down into place. They are easily customized for any size and frequently used to enclose large outdoor areas. Roll down shutters can be operated with an electric motor or a hand crank. You can also adjust them to any height you want. As an added bonus, once the shutter is down, you will hear minimal noise from outside – making it a great solution for families or pet owners who may dislike the sounds of storms.

  1. Accordion shutters

These hurricane shutters unfold across the width of a window. To close, it is folded against itself and resembles an accordion. You can install them on any window regardless of its width, as with other hurricane shutters they can also be custom fit for your purpose. These hurricane shutters open and close with ease and lock into place. They also provide protection against storms and forceable entry as roll down shutters do.

  1. Bahama and Colonial Shutters

Bahama shutters are made from heavy aluminum and they must be permanently installed over your window. They are a favorite for businesses and multi-home facilities because they provide protection without sacrificing aesthetics. These shutters angle out over a 45-degree angle and provide some shade protection while still allowing ample airflow through the windows. When closed, they can provide protection against high winds and debris during a storm.  Colonial shutters are installed on the sides of the windows and appear to be traditional exterior aesthetics but actually has practical uses come storm time.

  1. Storm Panels

Typically, your least expensive hurricane shutter option. This is because these panels are not permanently installed. Rather, mounting hardware is put into place and the storm panels are installed and uninstalled at will. You can store the panels in a garage, shed, or attic until they are needed and are fairly simple to install by yourself. They can also be mounted in multiple ways – allowing residential and commercial clients to customize as they desire.

How To Pick The Right Hurricane Shutters?

Since you are investing in a hurricane shutter to protect your home and family during from the storm, you must invest the one that you feel will serve you best. You should also take into any considerations that your neighborhood HOA may require when installing hurricane shutters and the value different shutters can apply to your home.

All of our shutters are highly durable and capable of withstanding hurricane-strength winds. They are also compliant with all Florida Building Codes.