Solar Screens

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Solar screens are a unique screen mesh used for windows with the sole design of sun control. They significantly reduce the amount of glare and heat from the sun from entering your home. We can custom cut each solar screen to size to fit over any window in your home.

Solar screeens can even be used to fit your screen enclosure around your porch, patio, pool, or lania. The material of solar screens are highly durable and are recommended in homes with pets.

Benefits of Solar Screen For Naples Residents

Fade Protection: Solar screens protect furniture near or across from windows in your home by shielding them from UV rays brought about by the sun shining through your open windows.  Solar shades also keep your floors, paintings, pictures, drapes or curtains, and other displayed knick-knacks or valuables from fading and UV damage.

Energy Costs Savings: Several studies show a unique trend in homes with solar screen installation – they all had reduced energy consumption as solar screen installed on exposed windows helps reduce the need for constant cooling. When your air conditioner doesn’t run as often, you can cut your energy use significantly.

Natural Cooling: Just like shaded areas under the tree are always much cooler than the sunny spots around them, so too will be your home! Naturally regulate cooler temperatures within your home.

Glare Reduction: Another useful benefit of the solar screen is that it helps in reducing rays from the sun from coming through the windows. This is of great benefit if your TV is across from a window or you wake up to an East facing window!