Professional Hurricane Shutter Maintenance

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Living along the coast can reap many benefits – beautiful views, scenic drives, cool ocean breeze on a hot day, and beach day is every day. But as the residents of Southwest Florida know, as nice as the weather can be, it can turn quite ugly if the storm conditions are right. All Naples residents have to take the proper measures to keep their property safe from the extreme climatic conditions and this includes proper maintenance of your accordion hurricane shutters.

Professional Cleaning and Repair For Your Hurricane Shutters

You should care for your shutters year-round – not just before a storm is supposed to hit. This will allow you plenty of time to replace any parts or schedule professional repair of your hurricane shutters. Aside from regular year round maintenance, you should also consider professional cleaning and care for your hurricane shutters at least once a year. The busiest time for annual maintenance of hurricane shutters is in the spring and early summer months when hurricane season has officially begun but before most storms ever hit.

Professional hurricane shutter cleaning can help keep your shutter system working effectively and smoothly. It also prevents unnecessary wear to the tracks and other moving parts of your hurricane shutters caused by regular household cleaners. Professional hurricane shutter cleaning also keeps your shutters looking new and helps to keep mold and mildew away.

Hurricane Guard offers professional cleaning services for all types of hurricane shutters – even those we did not install. Here are just some of the things we do to keep your hurricane shutter system working smoothly:

  • Wash The Tracks

Dirt and debris can build up on the tracks and can jam the movement of opening and closing of shutters. We’ll thoroughly wash and clean your shutter tracks so they function as they should.

  • Lubricate The Tracks

Salty air from an ocean breeze can damage or ruin shutter tracks. To prevent that, we apply a silicone based lubrication to keep all the moving parts from stiffening up, jamming, or even rusting.

  • Lubricate The Thumbscrews and Wheels

Proper lubrication of the thumbscrews helps to remove the locking pins easily. We’ll also lubricate the roller wheels to ensure smooth opening and closing of your hurricane shutters.

  • Wash The Slats

The slats need to be washed too! After the tracks, they are the second most crucial moving element of the shutters. The slats are the panels that fold open to protect your windows. Proper washing of your slats keeps mold and mildew from building up but it also helps to reduce the damaging effects of the elements – like the ocean air.

Preventative Hurricane Shutter Cleaning

Here are some preemptive measures you can take to keep your investment working:

  • Keep the shutters running

Don’t let your shutters sit there idle until they are needed. Open and close them once a month to keep the tracks moving smoothly. Opening them frequently helps to clear the tracks of any debris that could obstruct the shutters.

  • Keep the tracks clean

Just like you should be doing with your gutters, wash your storm shutters regularly and don’t let any dirt or debris settle in the tracks for long. Be extra careful about insect nests since they could disrupt the opening and closing of the shutters. You can easily clean them out with a vacuum or small hand held broom.

  • Hire a professional

Certain household products can actually cause more harm than good for the regular maintenance of your hurricane shutters. For a thorough cleaning and part maintenance you should contact a professional hurricane shutter installation company. The pros at Hurricane Guard has been installing hurricane shutters for the last 20 years and you can trust us to help you keep your hurricane shutters in good form.

You can prolong the life of your hurricane storm shutters and get the most out of your investment only by maintaining them. Should you need any repairs, contact the professional hurricane shutter installers at Hurricane Guard for fast and quality service.