Hurricane Screens

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On some homes, there may be places where a hurricane shutter cannot sufficiently protect the house from some of Florida’s intense storms, and for these places, we suggest you make use of hurricane screens.

Hurricane screens offer better and safer protection from not only flying debris, but rain driven by the wind than a traditional bug or sun screen. They are best used for wide openings including storefronts, entryways, lanais, sliding glass doors, and windows. Hurricane screens are a comparable option to hurricane shutters and other similar protective systems due to its low cost, and it is endorsed by the Florida Building Code.

Advantages Of Hurricane Screen Protection

Hurricane screens have several advantages and usefulness, including:

  • Customizable during the manufacturing process and professional installation.
  • Accommodates multiple installation options including removable anchors, tracks, or roll-ups.
  • Can be placed in a strategic position as a barrier or protection against rain or wind for areas outside like walkways, balconies, porches, and even car ports.
  • Less anchoring needed during installation like most other hurricane shutter protection systems.

Hurricane Guard’s Protection Priority

The primary goal of our company is to ensure there are sufficient and strong protections for your family at home or for your business against hurricane-strength winds, heavy rains, and storm projectiles which is why we produce only the highest quality of shutters and screen protection. With our very well-trained staff, we do not only deliver the best products, we offer quality installation as well.

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