How To Pick The Right Hurricane Shutter For You

Investing in quality shutters can actually give you peace of mind especially if you live near the coast where the force of hurricane winds can be most brutal. There are several options for homeowners and business owners to protect their property.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

In order to pick the right one, you must first know your options. Hurricane shutters are basically available in 5 different types:

  1. Rolling: As the name says, you must roll them up or down to use. They are installed above the windows or the doors. These shutters are best at protecting your home from rain, wind storms, hurricanes, and other destructive elements. You can choose from manual or motor control options.
  2. Accordion: These shutters are installed on the side of the window or door and they close the same way as curtains do. They are made from stainless steel and aluminum to protect your home from the harsh weather and even rain.
  3. Bahama: They actually give your home a traditional island appeal. These shutters are made from aluminum and they must be permanently installed. They open at a 45-degree angle that lets you enjoy a beautiful view outside.
  4. Colonial: This style shutter is the kind most people imagine when they think of a regular or decorative shutter. They are installed on the sides of the windows as part of the home or business’ aesthetic design and can be closed over the windows for protection.
  5. Storm Panels: They are one of the most reliable shutters for protection against strong hurricanes. They are available in aluminum, steel, and clear materials. These aren’t permanent shutters, so you can store them in the garage or any other storage area when not in use.

Measure Your Windows

Now that you know what types of hurricane shutters are available and what purpose they serve well, it’s time to choose the best option for your needs. If you aren’t sure what will work best or look best for your needs, contact a Hurricane Guard shutter installation pro at (239) 465-2334.

We’ll send someone out to do an in-person consultation to discuss your needs with you and take measurements of your windows to be sure that the shutters you are most interested in are compatible with your window frame.

Price and materials

Each type of hurricane shutter mentioned above varies in price since they are made from different materials. Aluminum is one of the strongest yet most durable materials available for shutters. It is lightweight and very easy to customize. Take more than just the price into consideration – you’ll want to make sure that your shutters will continue to offer your home or business protection.

Pick The Color

Hurricane shutters are now available in different colors too in order to more easily blend in with the current architectural design. Contact a Hurricane Guard shutter installation pro at (239) 465-2334 to discuss all color and design options.

Get Your Hurricane Shutters Installed

Now that you have gone through every step, its time for your Hurricane Guard professional installer to get to work. Enjoy the piece of mind that hurricane shutters can bring for heavy thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricane-strength storms.