Florida Room

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A Florida room, also referred to as sun porch, sunroom, or solarium, is a lot like the Northerner’s version of a three-season room. The essence of including a Florida room in your home is to have an enjoyable area that is free from mosquitoes, gnats, and rainy days. A Florida room extends both your outdoor and indoor space – but how? A Florida room is more than just a covered patio but isn’t entirely and air-conditioned room. It’s a combination of both worlds, enabling you to enjoy an outdoor like setting but with the added benefit of adjusting the climate.

Benefits Of A Florida Room

Your current patio or lanai can easily be transformed into a Florida room or even expanded into a larger space. We can help you review your current structure and what will be needed to create the perfect Florida room for your home.

With a Florida room, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get A Feel Of The Outdoors All Year Long: Florida is well known to its residents for its sunshine, rain, and mosquitoes, but with a Florida room, you can enjoy only what you want from the outdoors. With high-grade screen mesh to protect you and yours from biting or nuisance insects and the intensity of the sun’s rays. When inclement weather hits, just close up the wall to wall windows and turn on the fans and you now have an enjoyable patio area free from the weather. No need to cancel the party!
  • Have As Much Fun As You Can: Since the party never ends, the options to entertain guests are endless. Get that pool table you always wanted, the electric fireplace, or build and outdoor kitchen and bar!
  • Increase Your Home Value: If you plan on putting up your home for sale in the future, then installing a Florida home will be an investment worth buying into. Florida homes are quite desirable and can help boost the value of your home over what it cost you to install it. Potential home buyers will love the fact that you’ve preinstalled a Florida home in your property and that might sway them into paying your valuation for the house.