Colonial Shutters

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Colonial shutters provide a traditional Southern look with a shutter on each side of the window, adding exterior appeal for residential homes and commercial buildings alike. Colonial style shutters is one of the most common style seen on modern homes and buildings.

Our colonial style shutters offer the aesthetic appeal of traditional shutters with the added impact resistance of hurricane shutters, offering our clients the best of both worlds – design and protection. All of our shutters, including the colonial shutters, are made from heavy duty aluminum. This offers distinct protection during all storms and weather-proof durability.

  • Aesthetic design matches any architecture
  • Great for both residential and commercial use
  • Protection against storm debris and forceable entry
  • Can easily be operated from indoors or from outside
  • Available in a multitude of colors to match any theme or design
  • Also come in square-top, curved tops, angled, or arched

Colonial shutters are permanently installed, so you’ll never have to worry about being prepared – because they are always ready when you are! Easy to maneuver into place over your window as the storms approach and lock into place for optimal security from forceable entry and storm debris.

Hurricane Guard colonial shutters are also built to the stringent Florida Build Code and capable of withstanding hurricane strength winds.