Bug Screens

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We understand the need for Florida residents to need several options for their window, door, or patio bug screens. We offer mosquito mesh, no-see-um mesh, and shade mesh to provide varying levels of insect and sun coverage. Our bug screens can be used in a traditional manner to protect window and door openings but can be custom cut to fit any patio, porch, or other outdoor area you are looking to protect and gain greater enjoyment from.

Heavy Mosquito Mesh

Our bug screens are made from high-quality heavy mosquito mesh to protect you from almost all flies from large black flies and mosquitos to small gnats, while also ensuring you get adequate air flow and sunshine.

Our bug screens offer this optimal coverage with a rectangular grid pattern consisting of 230 holes per square inch. These holes are small enough to create a barrier for any flies except the really small ‘’no-see-ums’’.

When you should choose Mosquito Mesh?

  • When you want maximum air flow supply.
  • When you want protection from bugs and flies and your living area is not prone to ‘’no-see-ums.’’
  • When you do not wish to fully block out the sun.

No-See-Um Mesh

If your neighborhood or outdoor area is plagued with the nuisance of ‘’no-see-ums’’, a biting annoyance for those of us closer to the coast, then a traditional bug screen will not provide enough protection against no-see-ums.

To truly enjoy opening your windows and doors in the cooler months or to be able to stand being on your patio for more than just a few minutes, we have an 800-hole count per square inch bug screen that is sheer enough to look through and enjoy your surroundings but also keeps out pests like no-see-ums.

Shade Mesh

Our shade mesh which is weaved in a special way to block insects while also creating shade – blocking up to 80% of the sunlight coming through. The shade mesh works in a similar manner to dark sunglasses, allowing you complete visibility from the inside but blocking outside views from seeing inward.

In addition to shade and privacy, the shade mesh also provides protection against insects like flies, mosquitoes, beetles, and gnats.